Joshua Tree National Park – Ryan Mountain

Unfortunately Sarah had to leave early to make the long drive back to Arizona, but Trevor and I decided to stay and do another hike before we went back to LA.  Our second hike was the nearby Ryan Mountain, which by my Colorado standards should be renamed Ryan Foothill.  At any rate, the 1.5 mile hike up the mountain gave us AMAZING 360 degree views of Joshua Tree National Park.  When we got up to the top, the sun was just setting and it was so beautiful!  Enjoy.

The sun was already low in the sky when we started our hike.

The view of the park from halfway up.  Now those enormous piles of rocks look like little ant mounds!

I love Yucca!  Apparently the Joshua Tree, which is distantly related to the Yucca plant, is primarily distinguished from the Yucca because it lacks these little wispy white fibers.  Also… Joshua Trees are usually tree sized.  But not, in fact, an actual tree.

Ryan Mountain on the left, Trevor on the right

No idea what these are.  But they were all over the park!  I was constantly getting hooked by all sorts of spiky plants.  The worst of which, we learned, is called “cat’s claw.”  Though Trevor and I both agreed it should be called “kitten’s claw” because our cats are somewhat more claw-conscious now that they’re older- a sharp contrast to their indiscriminate youthy clawings of the past.

Part of the hike was on the west sunny side of the mountain, part of the hike was on the east in the shade.

One of the biggest downfalls of going to Joshua tree in late February was that there was still snow in some places, but a lot of mud in others.  All the mud on the trails wasn’t a big deal until we were slip-sliding back down the mountain in the dark.  Lucky we didn’t slide right off!

The fibers of a fallen Joshua Tree looked a lot more like animal hair than a plant!

A beautiful photo of Trevor at the peak at Sunset.  Click for a larger version.

Crazy yucca plant!

Trevor’s hoodie matched the super orange skylight

Distant mountains in the sunset

Trevor’s silhouette

Trevor taking more pictures on the way back down

That’s all for Joshua Tree National Park!  If you want recommendations of more J-Tree hikes, I highly recommend this hiking blog.

  1. Beth Grant said:


  2. PeterB said:

    Spectacular. Truly, truly spectacular.

  3. Helena Bowen said:

    Thanks everyone!

  4. Aunt rain said:

    lovely lovely lovely. It was getting dark tho’. Were you 2 in the least bit afraid about making your way out of the park?
    Aunt Rain always worrying. xxx

    • Helena Bowen said:

      As usual, I was and Trevor was not.

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